Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Travel Essentials from your favorite Flight Attendant

These are a few of my favorite things I like to bring when I travel for work...😁

1. Small lunch bag from travelpro- you would be amazed on how much food you can fit in this little bag. I normally just pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks in here. 14 hour days...I stay hungry all the time! LOL

2. Hot Logic Mini- I just purchased this from Amazon. Best $40 ever spent!! I took this with me during thanksgiving weekend. Warmed up my thanksgiving leftovers in my hotel room. 😋

3. Travel Blender- $15 at Target. I blend my shakes in this. Fits perfectly in my roller board. If you are traveling international...don't put it in a carry on. Those TSA peeps almost took mine in Canada. 😳Check-it!  — with Rachel Tyson.