Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get Strength & Flexibility in 60 Days with PiYo!

In life, you're either a watcher or a doer. Some things you simply watch from the sidelines, others you jump in and actively participate...and you generally have a much richer experience!
Also on Monday, July 21st, we will be starting PiYo, a new fitness program with NO weights and NO jumping that takes yoga and puts it on its ear....no long pauses in holds, instead you're constantly moving to awesome music, stretching your body, using your own weight for resistance to create awesome results in a simple fun way. I'm excited because I'm a super cardio junky LOL and I think PiYo will finally help stretch me out to get even better results overall!
So, are you going to be a watcher or a doer? Will this just be one more email you let slide by, or will you decide that July is the month you're going to jump in and try something new, something that can get you in the best shape of your life without excuses!
If you'd like to jump in and join me, reply back and say ( I'm IN) I have space for 10 people to join my PiYo challenge group, and you know who you are! :)

If you have any further questions regarding PiYo, 21 Day Fix or becoming a coach on my team, please feel free to contact me.